Terms of Use

Last Updated: 09/28/2022

Please ensure that the following terms and conditions are complied with when using the data.

The following actions are prohibited.

 -Using the data for financial gain

 -Using the data in a manner that violates public order and standards of decency

 -Distributing or selling the data itself or content that uses the data

 -Failing to display copyrights


  Please ensure that all copyrights are displayed when releasing content that uses the data.

    P-nez or @pince0_0nez

 Please display the respective copyrights for the music, choreography, and characters for the data in question.

It is not possible for P-nez to grant users permission to use the data for financial gain or commercial purposes as all data other than P-nez’s original data is subject to the copyrights of other parties besides P-nez.

If you still need to use the data for such purposes, please contact P-nez after obtaining permission from all relevant parties for the data.

For other purposes of use or other questions, please contact P-nez via email or Twitter.